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We are closing down our repair service to customers!.


Now we only sell some parts for the Game Boy, that we have listed on our website. We will be updating new parts for available to purchase soon.



Here are all the List of Nintendo Hand Held Console :


Game Boy Compact Original ( 1989 )


Game Boy Pocket ( 1996 )


Game Boy Light ( 1998 )


Game Boy Color ( 1998 )


Game Boy Advance ( 2001 )


Game Boy Advance SP ( 2003 )


Game Boy Micro ( 2005 )

Spare Parts


( Refurbished ) DMG-01 LCD Panel


( Brand New ) LCD Panel


( Refurbished ) CPU Boards


( Brand New ) Case shell


Replacement Stickers


Replacement Battery Terminals

Commodore 64 Computers Trade In or Repair If you got any retro Commodore Computer that you need repairing or you wish to trade in your non working Commodore for a working one, you can contact them via the Link Below.

Check out our repair job of customers hand held console that we have restore them back to fully working order. They have been cared & looked after in the process on repairing them. We are showing you at Extreme Game Boy Repair Service we take pride in our work!.

We have great news at Extreme Game Boy Repair Service all new additional product has arrived here. Check out the New design of the 3D Printed Game Boy Original Display Case!. For more details about this Display Case, click on the button on top of the page at EX.GB.RS Our 3D Model Designs.

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